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for the edifying of the body of Christ."   ~ Ephesians 4:12 ~

Cornerstone Baptist Church
Twin Falls, Idaho
Pastor Bruce Carlson

  FALL/WINTER 2009 Last updated 12/08/09  
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Answered Prayer
· The many souls saved this year

· Micah Duncan Campbell Prettyman was born on Nov. 30! See pictures


Prayer Requests
· Satan's strongholds will be destroyed in Pine Bluffs, WY

· Increased burden and prayer support for revival

· God's blessing on "Christ's Praying Annas"


Soul-Patrol Seminars
The need is growing for Spirit-filled soul-winners in our churches. Pray about scheduling a time to deliberately seek the Lord for power in reaching the lost.


The Victorious Christian Life series
Four sermons in MP3 format.

· The Reality of the Victorious Christian Life
· The Reality of Marriage to Christ
· The Reality of Christ in You
· The Reality of Christ Through You


Weekly E-Update
There's nothing we value more from fellow believers than your prayers. We'd love to fill you in weekly on what God is doing and how you can pray. If you'd like this brief update, send us a quick note.

Around twenty men met in Omaha, NE for the sole purpose of seeking God's reviving presence. During the 24-hour Season of Prayer, the Lord led through a time of searching, confession, and cleansing. As our time was punctuated with many coming into a fresh consecration, we sensed a new freedom to pray aggressively against Satan's strong-holds. We asked the Lord to grant us "agreement on earth" in prayer, and it wasn't long before the Lord's mind was revealed and we were able to pray "the prayer of faith." The prayer-focus funneled to a specific request for help in Pine Bluffs, WY. It wasn't more than a few hours after the Season of Prayer ended that I received a call from a friend in southern Florida, Scott Saxton, who I hadn't spoken to for years: "God has burdened my heart to come to Pine Bluffs. I have a tent, chairs, sound... Could you use the help?" Praise the Lord for an immediate answer to prayer!

My pastor and his assistant joined me in Pine Bluffs for specific prayer against satanic strongholds of darkness. We prayed through on the grounds of our position in Christ and entered into victorious rest. Standing on the overlooking bluffs with our hands linked and lifted to the heavens, we claimed God's blessed power for the town below. It was during that short visit that we took in the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen: so clear and complete. I was immediately reminded that the rainbow is God's most ancient symbol of His covenant-keeping character. How God's Spirit witnessed with my spirit, "I will keep my promises I have made to you."

Scott and Lorraine arrived five days before the tent meeting began. We spent the extra time in fervent prayer and further canvassing. A dear family, the Batts, permitted us to use their large open lot in the middle of town. Two months prior we had placed a "John and Romans" and "Light of the World" DVD at every home in town. We also placed large banners and posters all over town. We had a high attendance of about 30 and saw 50 different people come throughout the two-week tent meeting. Bro. Scott and I felt great freedom in preaching. We were thrilled when Mr. Batt confessed that he was a hell-deserving sinner and trusted Christ. With tears falling from her eyes, Mrs. Batt said, "I've been praying for my husband to be saved for 43 years...now he's saved!" I spoke with a teen (Kirsten) after a service and enquired, "When did you get saved?" She replied, "Tonight, while you were preaching." There were many others who seemed so close to salvation. Please pray for Sedro, Chris, John, Lindy, Debbie, and Jared.

On our last night in Pine Bluffs, I had a glorious time with the Lord upon the bluffs gazing at numberless stars. I was reminded that the Lord gave only five words in the Genesis account to describe the stars, "He made the stars also." Then my attention was turned to the city lights sprinkled across Pine Bluffs and the people sleeping below them, and I was reminded that God spent the rest of His Word speaking of His love toward the sons of men. Oh, how I desire fruit for my Lord! I buried a box containing many of the promises the Lord has given me in the last two and a half years. I do not know when all these promises will be received in actual reality, but the Lord assured my heart that night that He has already heard and answered the prayer of faith I lifted up years ago. PRAISE HIS NAME! Lord willing, we will be there from January-March seeking further guidance. Please do not cease to pray earnestly for this work. Consider joining a prayer chain of mighty warriors for the cause of seeking an outpouring of God's power.

God's power to save has never changed, even with the seeming cultural difficulties around us. Shall we pray that the Lord will give us a more expectant faith concerning the winning of lost souls?

- During a Junior Week at Gila Christian Ranch, God moved upon the heart of a teenage worker named Cody. Though the invitation was for the juniors, Cody could stand the conviction no longer. He walked up to a counselor (who thought he was coming to help) and said, "I need to be saved." As I was talking to him later, he pulled out his wallet, dug out his decision card, and said, "I just want what happened to me to happen to my brother next week." Praise the Lord, he got his prayer, his brother Toby was saved the next week during teen camp!

- I met an "Ice-cream Man" in Miami, FL (Joe) who was very open to the Gospel. I gave him 10 questions on a card to ponder. He became very interested, so he asked me to join him for lunch. I explained the Gospel to this sin-sick man. On the way home, he reached out his hand as we drove down the street suggesting I take it. Then he said, "Right now, I want to be saved now!" He cried out to God to save him right then and added, "I don't want to go back to the sin of my old life."

- Brittany was a strong Roman Catholic that I spoke with on a long flight. I asked, "What are you trusting to get you to heaven?" She replied, "I'm a good person." I explained that salvation comes when we stop trusting self. "Right now, who are you trusting?" She replied, "Myself." After showing her passages that clearly state good works cannot save, I asked, "If your good works could get you to heaven, then why did Christ have to die?" Suddenly it all changed. She tried to hide tears in her eyes, brushing them away, but the Spirit's conviction was evident. I asked, "Do you want to transfer your dependence today?" She answered, "Yes," and was saved.

- My brother-in-law had been praying for his neighbor (Larry) for a few years. Larry's wife had been praying for him for over thirty! As we began to witness to him, it was awkward at first, but he began to open up. He confessed that he was a sinner and visibly displayed discomfort at his inability to change who he was on the inside. He spoke of a time in his life when he first understood the Gospel and the impact it had on his thinking, but he continued to come back to the same hang-up, "It just seems too simple, too easy, to turn to Christ for salvation and He does everything." The Spirit of God guided us through with this man, and after an hour of explaining the Scriptures, he turned to Christ with tear-filled eyes!

When God's people diligently seek His reviving presence, the difference it makes in a meeting is immeasurable! An atmosphere conducive to spiritual birth-giving is established, which produces conviction of sin and presses Gospel claims on the hearts of the lost.

- Fifteen prayer warriors gathered for a day of prayer at Open Door Baptist in Council Bluffs, IA. As we prayed, the Lord began to lay the burden of youth upon our hearts. We asked the Lord to revive the youth and use them to stir us. God heard our prayers, and teens gave public testimony that week of their desire to surrender their lives. Only two weeks later, a group from Baptist College of Ministry came to conduct a youth evangelistic outreach. Pastor Springer had prayed for 25, but the Lord of the harvest answered with 31 teens saved!

- Around six individuals gathered at New Testament Baptist (Safford, AZ) each morning in a focused time of prayer for God's power to reach the lost at the upcoming fair. There was an unexpected outburst of tears from the dear ladies on our first day: it was clear the Lord was meeting with us in a special way. Some teens also prayed and were very instrumental in the Spirit's overall work in our lives. The Lord moved at the revival meeting preparing the way for effective evangelism. At the fair, the Lord gave wonderful power and we saw around fifteen come to know Christ as their Savior.

- Through the revival meeting at Calvary Baptist (Yucca Valley, CA) the Lord had incredible freedom in the hearts of His people. Most present could sense the definite progression of spiritual preparation. Fervent heat, intense soul-searching and climactic victories marked each invitation. When Wednesday came, I believe everyone could sense the Lord's gracious presence in the service. It truly was no surprise when eight individuals came under conviction of sin and turned to Christ for salvation. Praise the Lord!

Will You Be One Of Christ’s Praying Annas?

With the great need for revival increasing daily, God is seeking to establish a network of kindred hearts knit with the fabric of faith and prayer. Inspired by the widow ladies that prayed for D.L. Moody and Jonathan Goforth, I have become burdened to secure the prayer efforts of godly widows and saintly ladies who are able to dedicate more time to prayer.

Luke 2:37 tells us of such a praying warrior: Anna had been a widow for 84 years and yet ceased not to pray and intercede for God's blessing. Imagine harnessing the focused, one-accord prayers of godly ladies linked together as a formidable army! If you desire to learn more about Christ's Praying Annas, please contact me to receive a free monthly newsletter.


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